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Why would this investment opportunity be concealed?

Why would Landlords and Real estate investors want to conceal this Information?

So many investors have been taking advantage of the Victoria bay residential development project to acquire numerous units of Duplex : With just a deposit of 10 Million naira this scheme allows investors to own a 3/4 Bedroom Duplex situated in Lekki, Lagos: Nigeria. See some Real estate opportunities in Lagos Nigeria

Real estate opportunities in Lekki

I see two reasons why this information is concealed.

Firstly! Valuable information like this with the potential to generate wealth are most times made available to the public but only visible to those who mine and unravel them. This means this information isn’t really a secret, is just that The Poor and middle class shut their minds from opportunities like this: just like Gravels and stones are found laying everywhere on the ground for anyone interested, we also have precious stones buried underneath the ground and behind rocks for someone with an understanding of their true worth to seek, mine and transform them. Apparently To find anything of real value, you must intentionally seek them out.
Secondly ! The Landlords and real estate investors grow their wealth by acquiring more and more of this kind of properties and leasing them out to the poor and middle class. Simple reason why the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. This is a mindset : The rich focus on acquiring assets that generate wealth while the poor and middle class focus on acquiring liabilities that wrecks their chances of ever acquiring wealth.
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